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2015 Canadian Digestive Disease Week

Held in Banff, AB from February 27-March 2

During this year’s annual meeting, CEGIIR members received the following recognitions:

  • Dr. Connie Switzer (CEGIIR) was awarded the CAG Distinguished Service Award Winner.
  • The Canadian Liver Foundation Graduate Studentship was awarded to Zhen Lin (Supervisor Dr. Andrew Mason) for her doctoral thesis project,“Do microRNAs work in concert to modulate expression of the VEGF-A oncogene in hepatocellular carcinoma?”
  • Rahima Bhanji received the CASL/Janssen Clinical Fellowship in Hepatology. She works with Dr. Aldo Montano-Loza (CEGIIR).
  • The Crohn’s and Colitis of Canada (CCC) Student Prize was awarded to Robert Fedorak for his submission, “Increased colitis susceptibility induced by high sugar diets can be modulated through fecal microbial transplantation.” Co-authors were R Ginter, A Hassanzadeh Keshteli, N Hotte, A Agrawal, and Dr. Karen Madsen.

As well, the following CEGIIR members were awarded with “Poster of Distinction” for their submissions:

Laura Zenith, T Shaikh, L Thomas, N Mitchell, M Ma, J Abraldes, M Carbonneau, N Kneteman, R Bailey, K Burak, S Jayakumar, A Brisebois, N Tangri, and P Tandon:

  • Frailty assessment in cirrhosis – variable prevalence across screening tools

T Shaikh, M Ma, J Abraldes, R Ameen, A Shah, S Robbins, K Qumosani, B Aljudaibi, A Rahman, and P Tandon:
  • Nutrition and physical therapy targets are not being met in admitted patients with cirrhosis

Harsh Thaker, AThiesen, N Hotte, M Rahbari, D Sharon, K Madsen, and A Mason:
  • Mouse mammary tumor virus (MMTV) implicated in severity of colitis and associated pro-inflammatory response in interleukin-10 deficient mice

Vince Bain co-authored a poster with collaborators from other institutions:
  • Safety and efficacy of ombitasvir-ABT-450/R and dasabuvir ± RBV in HCV genotype 1-infected Canadian patients: results from phase 3 trials

Eytan Wine co-authored two submissions with collaborators from other institutions:
  • Long-term outcomes of infliximab use for pediatric Crohn’s disease in Canada
  • Broken fences; epithelial gaps and microbes in pediatric inflammatory bowel diseases

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