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CDHF Initiative Tours CEGIIR Labs

Monday, February 9 2015

On Monday, February 9 (2015) the Canadian Digestive Health Foundation Initiative (CDHFi) toured the research labs of Drs. Dina Kao, Karen Madsen and Eytan Wine. The CDHF initiative is a student organization located at the University of Alberta. The organization strives to educate and inform both the student population and the public about digestive health and its associated disorders. The student group holds numerous functions throughout the year, including educational seminars and fund raising events. Funds raised by the group go to support their parent organization, the Canadian Digestive Health Foundation (www.cdhf.ca).

The CDHFi students were provided tours, demonstrations and informal talks by:

Dr. Madsen’s research laboratory, which investigates key topics such as the role of probiotics and prebiotics, epithelial barrier function, and the dysregulated responses of patients with inflammatory bowel diseases to microbial DNA, and the impact of environment on the gut microbiome.

Dr. Karen Madsen’s Laboratoryalso collaborates with Dr. Dina Kao to better understand the role of fecal microbial transplantation (FMT) in human health. Their FMT clinical research focuses on determining the efficacy of FMT in a variety of human health issues where the gut microbiome may be altered in or contributing to disease. They also work to establish the quality control measures and standard operating policies for the fecal microbiota transplantation program at the University of Alberta Hospital. For further details, please see the news article.

Dr. Richard Fedorak's Laboratory are dedicated to researching inflammatory bowel disease. Their current research involves exploring metabolites found in urine to help detect colorectal adenomatous polyps, which are precursors to colorectal cancer.Patients suffering from inflammatory bowel disease are at an increased risk of developing colorectal cancer.

Dr. Eytan Wine’s Laboratory focus their research efforts on the involvement of intestinal bacteria in the development of inflammation in the bowel.Dr. Wine’s laboratory utilizesin vitroandin vivomodels of inflammation, including bacterial infection, to delineate mechanisms of host response to microbial stimuli, as well as patient samples to extend finding into the human setting.Dr. Wine’s clinical expertise is managing children with intestinal conditions, especially inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD). This interest fits well with his laboratory research, enabling translational bench-to-bedside research.

To learn more about the CDHF Initiative please visit their website (www.cdhfi.com) and / or watch their introductory video here.

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