The Center of Excellence for Gastrointestinal Inflammation and Immunity Research (CEGIIR) have a number of significant collaborations. The current research has established a number of collaborations already, and the CEGIIR infrastructure is expected to continue enhancing not only industry, but also other research laboratory interest in the research, leading to many new collaborations and partnerships.

We believe that the value of the whole is much greater than the sum of the parts, the CEGIIR infrastructure brings together many researchers currently working in isolation and aligns their research to a common goal. The cluster of expertise is multidisciplinary, and directly results in collaborations amongst researchers from different faculties (e.g. Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy, Agriculture and Forestry, and Arts) at University of Alberta (UA). This clearly strengthens the position of the individual UA researchers in their international collaborations with research groups in the US and around the world.

Also, by assembling the researchers necessary to perform a comprehensive investigation, CEGIIR is able to provide a thorough understanding of diseases and have a unique body of


comprehensive data to support their research. The CEGIIR infrastructure enables the researchers to move from performing limited contract research to licensing Intellectual Property in the form of vaccines, methods of detecting genetic pre-disposition and disease onset, minimizing the effects of disease, and treating the disease. These methods represent interventions that hold significantly more value to major pharmaceutical companies or functional food companies than even the creation of an experimental model. The Executive Director of CEGIIR will assist the researchers to pursue potential industry collaborations to commercialize their research and provide GI physicians with new research results to enhance the quality of life of their patients.