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Zeidler Centre

The Zeidler Gastroenterology Health and Research Centre at the University of Alberta is the first clinical facility in Canada dedicated solely to gastroenterology patient care and research. The centre has been in service since June 2006, and since then the Zeidler Centre has been a unique Gastroenterology Centre in Canada, allowing clinicians and researchers to provide better patient care, to increase the number of students they can teach, and to attract more research funding.

The centre was first made possible with a $2 million donation from Midge Ziedler, an Edmonton philanthropist, and a long-time supporter of the University Hospital Foundation. Building on this initial support, Dr. Richard Fedorak and his team have been able to leverage significant funding from the university, hospital foundation and other private donors, in order to make the centre a reality.

The total cost of the facility is over $8 million, and its current location is a result after years of planning and consideration of 9 potential locations. Now with its


direct adjacency to the Univeristy of Alberta Hospital,
and also to the basic research laboratories at the Health Research Innovation Facility, the Zeidler Centre is in a unique location allowing better utilization of their resources to support advancements in patient care and leading edge research.

The Zeidler Centre is a three-storey, 30,000-square-foot building, which accommodates:

  • approximately 100 hospital and university staff
  • numerous outpatient consultation clinics
  • a gastrointestinal clinical trials centre
  • dedicated teaching areas
  • faculty, teaching and administration offices

University Hospital gastroenterologists perform about 7000 outpatient consultations every year. Many of the new equipments, new drugs, and new treatments for gastrointestinal and liver disorders, have been assessed, tested, and developed here. The Zeidler Centre and facilities provides Edmonton and Alberta with a unique and state-of-the-art gastrointestinal health and research centre to continue leading in both discovery and cure, but also to train the best and the brightest scientists and physicians in gastroenterology health and diseases.